Landingi Gliwice Review

Read on for our Landingi Gliwice Review.

A lead capture page, or simply a landing page, is a pre-sell page that effectively markets your online product or service or simply convinces someone to opt in into your email list.

By providing a lead capture form, you only allow people who are interested enough in your product and service to opt in and start receiving your emails. By providing more information about the product or service as a pre-sell, you prime your visitors to be more likely to want your product or service and buy.

There are a plethora of end to end landing page platforms that you can use and this time we are going to review Landingi with a an extensive analysis to show you what this platform has to provide.

Why Landingi?



Landingi has actually replaced the traditional landing pages, producing methods with a much more streamlined automatic generation tool.

With Landingi, you work contemporary design templates (over 200 design templates to choose from), third party tool integration, and integrated user interface.

The competitive price offered by Landingi enables you to select the plan that matches your preferences, either billed each year or monthly.



Design templates

Landingi Gliwice

Landingi offers you the chance of either choosing the basic templates or the premium design templates.

Simplified design templates do not consist of complex features, unlike the premium templates that can create intricate landing pages.

You can produce landing pages from multiple templates.

Presently, there are 3 ways to create a landing page with Landingi.

– Using Landingi’s customizable design templates.

– Developing a landing page utilizing a landing page file

– Order services for designing or importing landing pages.

All the three methods have various kinds of aspects that can be modified to exactly fit your preferences.

Some of these components consist of adding a text, image, button, forms, counter, shapes, and so on.

Customizable design templates


Under the customizable design templates, you can select landing pages from various specific niches depending upon your site.

You can choose from landing pages with industry specific designs such as the gardening niche, the F&B niche or the travel niche. Landingi also has numerous other templates to select from for different objectives such as a webinar signup, newsletter signup, company presentation, and so on.

The customizable templates are simple to navigate with easy to use editor and interfaces.

You only require to drag and drop a file in the editor to continue creating the landing page.

Landing Page file


If you have a file saved anywhere in your computer or external storage, you can submit it and modify using Landingi.

Files are saved as LANDINGIPAGE file.

Order a service


In case you want to buy a service and get the outcomes delivered specifically to your needs, you can choose to go with the “Order a service” functionality.

Here, you will have two alternatives to choose:

1. Design and Import of the Landing Page


Here, you will pay $450 and get dedicated landing page design, implementation and responsive design for compatibility with mobile phones, integration with your favorite tool from the list of offered integrations and 1:1 training, where you learn how to edit the landing page.

2. Import of the Landing page.


Here, you will get 1:1 landing page implementation based upon PSD, HTML/CSS, URL, JPG and PNG files, mobile friendly landing page, and 1:1 training, where you find out how to modify the landing page.



Landingi has been coded to provide its users the capability to perform several functionalities.

Sub accounts


For instance, you can have multiple/sub accounts that enable you manage minor accounts under the exact same umbrella. If you are an agency or landing page builder, you can pick to have actually accounts set up for each client under the sole/main account.

Note that the sub accounts can be duplicated between the different accounts.

The ability to deal with custom templates provides you the opportunity to work with exactly what you choose.

You may need to modify the approach depending on the needs of your various customers. You can also add customized images to construct a professionally branded landing page profile.

Publishing landing pages

Landingi Gliwice

Landingi has made it simple and uncomplicated when it comes to  publishing landing pages. You can publish your landing pages without needing to code anything.

Landingi utilizes the AWS cloud hosting which runs on Amazon Web Services to offer 99.9% uptime.

The compatibility is tailor-made to deal with significant internet browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera Mini.

Landingi landing pages are built with a RWD idea.

This allows the published| landing pages to run smoothly and efficiently on lots of compatible mobile devices.

Image optimization involves the procedure of improving image functionalities to increase the speed of the website’s performance. Landingi has a landing page software application that allows easy optimization of landing pages.

With Landingi, you can optimize your landing pages to be compatible with all your Facebook accounts.

Managing leads


Landingi has a list building software which has internet marketing tools that can manage and evaluate various leads.

These features consist of:

Form creator: Outlines all the needed information that is required to be imported from your visitor’s landing page.

Lead export: You can export all leads into a Google sheet or CSV file, so that you can integrate them with your current procedures.

Anti-spam security: Landingi’s landing page forms are protected by a variety of anti-spam rules. This security function ensures you get high-quality leads from the lead generation software.

Form validation: The online editor can set a field format during the creation of the form. This makes sure your site’s visitor is inputting the correct information accurately.

Automate crucial jobs

Landingi Gliwice

Marketing tools are very important functionalities that enable leads to be nurtured. With Landingi, you can connect with all the available landing page tools like email marketing, CRM/sales, Callback/chat, analytics and tracking to automatically nurture your leads and prevent your leads from getting cold.

There are 3 functionalities related to the automation of crucial jobs:

Lead notifications: You can get timely notifications which will assist you to follow up with available hot leads right away.

Landing page scheduler: This is a seamless tool that helps  to keep an eye on your existing and scheduled new launches. The page scheduler makes it simple to manage all your page campaigns.

Autoresponder: The autoresponder can permit you to establish an automated 24/7 email responder to reply to each lead that has submitted the form immediately.

Webhooks: The webhooks are basic to integrate marketing tools utilized for event alerts or messages through HTTP callbacks.

Examine and enhance key functionalities


Analytics tools allow your landing page to optimize the conversion rates to bring out the maximum performance of your landing pages.

Landingi utilizes four powerful tools to achieve this:

Google Analytics: You can integrate your page with Google Analytics for a fully integrated system for a complete view of the customer’s experience.

Conversion pixels: You can effortlessly place unnoticeable 1×1 pixels on your landing pages. This, in turn, can track your goals and you can see how your landing pages perform.

A/B/x split testing: Landingi makes it simple to field and compare A/B/x splits. Users can get to test one or two variables without compromising on their current results.

Custom scripts: You can insert custom scripts into your landing pages to capture any data you would want to analyze or track with other tools. Scripts that add custom functionality to your landing pages can also be added if you want to differentiate your landing pages.

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Landingi pricing levels and payment plans


Landingi Gliwice

Landingi offers 4 plans that have different payment schemes for organisation clients.

  1. Core: $29 per month (billed every year).
  2. Create: $45 per month (billed each year).
  3. Automate: $59 per month (billed each year).
  4. Agency: $145 – $245 per month (billed yearly).

There are 3 plants under the Agency plan:

  1. Agency Pro: $245/month (billed every 12 months).
  2. Agency: $149/month (billed every 12 months).
  3. Consultant: $95/month (billed every 12 months).

Each plan consists of limitless leads, customized domains, tracking pixels, Leads export (. csv), free domain SSL certificate, adjustable mobile view, automatic image optimization, and AWS cloud hosting.

Landingi accepts the following payment methods.

  1. Credit card – Master card, Visa card, Amex.
  2. PayPal.
  3. Bank transfer


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– Intuitiveto use.

– Simple structure/interface (drag and drop landing page builder).

– Landingi plugin can be added to a WordPress website for improved functionality.

– Numerous design templates to select.

– You can include customized codes to make your landing pages more interactive for the users.

– What you produce with the editor is what you see and get.



– Sluggish page performance if there are several open subpages.

– The chat icon located at the bottom of the screen can be smaller.

– Language setup (only supports 2 languages).

– The basic plan has restricted functionalities.

– Chat assistance and e-mail response are slower (a couple of hours or even approximately a day).

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1. How does Landingi’s free trial work?


You have access to produce limitless landing pages for 14-days depending upon the chosen plan.

2. How can you pay for a plan?


Go to the Payments tab and pick the billing period and payment. Select either PayPal or credit card depending on your preferred payment method.

3. Forgot Password


You can recover your password by clicking the “Forgot/change password” on the login page.

4. Can I switch plans at any time?


Yes, you can do that in the ‘My Account’ page. It will not reduce your trial duration.

5. How can I get a refund?


You can get a refund per the Terms of Use.

You can be 100% sure that if your account has not any page views (web traffic), you will be refunded the overall expense of the last collected regular monthly payment.


Landingi Gliwice

Final Thoughts


The primary focus is on the features, user interface, and functionality:

Landingi has a simple to use user interface. Users can navigate the site smoothly and get to different webpages effortlessly.

The many available functions and functionalities supply an easy to use landing page creation experience.

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