Thor Foresight Home – Review

Cybercrime is increasing day by day as the cybercriminals continually check out brand-new methods to evade the security systems to get access to networks and computers.

Over 45 million internet users have actually been infected by cyberattacks.

Some prevalent cyber attacks consist of:

  • Spamming (sending out unwanted messages which makes emails unusable)
  • Search poisoning (dishonest use of search engines), botnets (network malware-infected computer systems), denial of service (make a system inaccessible for user)
  • Phishing (dishonestly acquires private user data by mimicing e-communication)
  • Malware (software application to perform destructive activities
  • Website risks (vulnerabilities in genuine websites).

A lot of anti-viruses can secure against viruses and have a firewall up and running, however they miss on many other important features.

Phishing, Ransomware and risky sites are likewise dangerous risks in the Internet landscape today which many antivirus programs don’t have enough defense against.

Thor Foresight can provide you this security.

Thor Foresight Review

Thor Foresight Home

Thor Foresight is a well-known cybersecurity solution that detects viruses before they do harm to the systems.

It assists to safeguard against the most sophisticated cybercriminal attacks.

Thor Foresight was developed by DefCon CTF champs in 2011 in Copenhagen.

Thor Premium, which includes Thor Foresight and Thor Vigilance (anti-virus program), is a 2018 computing security award winner and a well-reputed cybersecurity product around the world.

It has actually been specifically developed for the sake of managing cyberattacks before it reaches the system memory and carries out harmful functions.

Thor Foresight is a distinct and versatile method to both proactive and reactive security – that’s why this is a best fit for both personal and organizational needs.

You get active protection versus information leakage, electronic banking security, anti-phishing protection, and Internet traffic protection.

It provides a multi-layered security suite that provides threat prevention, anti-virus with market leading detection rate and compliance, all in one package.

Thor Foresight supplies intelligence and security to 900.0 endpoints and 6000 companies.

It assists users to close typical vulnerabilities to make sure that a company is protected against several attack aspects.

Thor Foresight Home

Thor Foresight has actually been embedded with three layers of protection i.e., VectorN Detection, Darklayer Guard, and X-Plot Resilience.

Darklayer Guard

By enabling this engine, it will apply network filters that will scan for contaminated sites.

It assists in prevention of APTs and blocks all e-mails coming in and out from harmful servers.

It avoids information leak and blackmailing and identifies risks at HTTP, HTTPS, DNS before they reach towards the device to create damage.

VectorN Detection

This feature permits the user to find and block unconventional malware no matter the path of attack.

It is a new function, and when it is enabled, it can block malicious traffic through searching for particular configurations.

X-ploit Resilience

This function assists to keep track of all the installed applications and databases and update them automatically. It closes almost 85% of holes used for all cybercrimes by upgrading of all applications.


Thor Foresight is an essential must add on to any antivirus and improves any firewall. Thor Foresight works with a web browser (OS agnostic), Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.

Help and support are provided through e-mails, product guides, and over the phone.

It is also compatible with all anti-virus software applications.

Attributes of Thor Foresight

Thor Foresight Home

Thor Foresight can obstruct infections before they damage the computer system.

Its essential functions are:

1) Defense versus malware

New malware has been built to bypass the conventional antiviruses, which causes expensive infections.

Usually, malware creators request for $650 to unlock data that has been corrupted.

Thor Foresight can filter all web traffic and block malware.

2) Block malware prior to the damage of computer systems

Ransomware can be concealed in e-mail, messages, advertisements, and other links.

Thor Foresight can quickly obstruct malware from infecting computer system and detect any malware in system data and malware infection before they do damage.

3) Closes security holes in apps automatically

Thor Foresight can conveniently upgrade the system’s applications automatically without any reboot, which closes 85% of the holes used for the cyber attacks.

4) Stops attack of malicious websites

With the help of downloads, ads, and other links, destructive websites attempt to contaminate computer systems.

Thor Foresight can quickly obstruct and prevent attacks by scanning web traffic 24/7.

5) Secures web surfing

Thor Foresight can help to ensure safe web browsing because it obstructs the malware before it damages computer systems.

6) Protects electronic banking and payments

One can securely go shopping online or log into their electronic banking account with Thor Foresight keeping watch.

It can keep a check when cyber criminals try to take card information and bank details and obstruct them.

7) Phishing defense

Phishing is a cybercrime of dishonest acquisition personal user information by imitating e-communication.

Thor Foresight can quickly block the attempt of phishing before it approaches the system.

8) Blocks information leak

Thor Foresight has actually been created to stop information leakage as it stands as a defense system between the computer data and outside scammers.

9) Installs any software application securely

Thor Foresight can help to set up any type of software application very safely and easily because it has actually been developed to attack malware before it reaches the computer systems and blocks them extremely quickly.

10) Easy to use

Thor Foresight is very easy to use due to the fact that it has an extremely smooth performance and light-weight installation.

It can likewise close all the holes for criminal attacks by immediately updating the applications present in the system.

11) Money back guarantee of 30-days

Thor Foresight  also uses a 30-day money-back guarantee of the product, which is an excellent gesture from the company and an indication of its quality.

Thor Foresight Pricing

Thor Foresight Home

Thor foresight is a high-quality unique security suite and antivirus from skilled developer Heimdal Security.

This item is utilized for stopping all the cyber risks before they can breach the computer systems.

It can work in numerous protective layers like URL Filtering, anti-phishing, electronic banking protection, automated detection, and automatic update of holes in applications.

Its price is $52.46 for one year with three device licenses and $69.95 on every renewal.

For a new user, 1 month of free|complimentary} trial is also offered with premium-class assistance and money-back guarantee.

Moreover, it gives a 25% discount for protection of 1-year for 3 PCs at the expense of $52.46.

You can likewise get Thor Foresight as part of the Thor Premium plan that consists of both Thor Foresight and Thor Vigilance.

Thor Vigilance is an antivirus program that secures you from malware and includes habits monitoring, cloud scanning and firewall software defense.

With Thor Premium Home it costs $74.96 for a one year, 3 PC license, rising to $99.95 on renewal.

The Thor Vigilance by itself costs $44.96 to cover 3 devices and $59.95 on renewal, so you conserve cash by getting the Thor Premium Home.

Final Thoughts

Thor Foresight Home

Thor Foresight is a mature and special service that provides a great deal of features to manage data leakage, protect against phishing, ensure online banking security and filter bad website traffic.

It is also suitable for use with all other security products.

Consumers like it after using it for several years and think that it is a core and essential part of the security environment.

Some individuals report poor support, but otherwise it fulfills its job well of providing protection to computer users everywhere.

Some people believe that it is a little expensive for home users to wish to purchase.

These people may not be too worried about the personal privacy of their individual data and not thinking about having Thor Foresight as an additional guard layer at this cost.

But at the same time, people are well pleased with the credibility and progress of Thor Foresight.

Most of the people discover it an excellent on-demand anti-malware proactive and reactive solution.

Some individuals think that they need to work on giving upgrades regularly to enhance their knowledge base available.

It is worth purchasing because the company is continuously improving the performance and visuals to make internet browsing more secure for their consumers’ assurance.

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