Vendasta VS Dashclicks

Digital marketing is one of the best methods to reach your client’s perfect audience online.

It provides you a high level of targeting and sophistication because you can control when you serve the advertisements and who sees them.

However, not every business has a group of professionals in paid advertising – and the ones that do will agree that running campaigns is time-consuming.

That’s where Vendasta and DashClicks come : They both offer digital marketing services to help other organisations lower overhead expenses, increase earnings, and scale.

This article will start with a comparison of the similarities and differences between the two, pros and cons, and then an in-depth look into the features of both Dashclicks and Vendasta.


Both offer paid advertising services, SEO, website design and listing management services.

Vendasta and Dashclicks both provide Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads and Google Adwords marketing services.

SEO and site design services are provided by both vendors.

They likewise provide noting management although Vendasta has a greater depth of offering here.

Both provide you reports to prospect customers with

Vendasta provides you with Snapshot reports that do an audit of a customer and supplies tips and recommendations on what customers can do to enhance their online marketing.

The Dashclicks variation is called InstaReports and serves the same function.

With these reports, you are showing how you can add value to the client and help them produce more income with more reliable internet marketing.


Price model

Among the biggest distinctions between Vendasta and Dashclicks is the price model.

Vendasta charges you upfront when you register as a member with the cheapest plan being $42/month or $500/year.

You will then need to add on more costs depending upon the service that you are seeking to buy for your client.

The costs are not specified if you are not a member so you are not able to identify the ideal price to quote your client with a comfortable earnings margin.

You will need to register as a paid member and try to buy a service to discover the precise expense.

Dashclicks, on the other hand, is free to register and you can see all of the rates.

This helps to you make the best decision on how much to charge your customer and you understand your margins clearly.

Facebook/Instagram/Google Advertisements pricing

Dashclicks does charge you a greater onboarding cost for Facebook and Instagram Ads and Google Adwords of $350 compared to $199 by Vendasta.

Vendasta charges a management charge of 20% for adspend between $300 and $950, 15% for adspend in between $1000 and $2950, and 10% for adspend more than $3000.

That’s in between $60 to $190 each month of charges for adspend in between $300 and $950, $150 to $442.50 for adspend between $1000 and $2950, and $300 and more for adspend more than $3000.

On the other hand, Dashclicks charges you a repaired monthly fee of $499/month for adspend under $3000, $699/month for adspend between $3000 to $4,999, $1,299/ month for adspend between $5000 and $9,999, and $2,599/ month for adspend more than $10,000.

Vendasta definitely looks like the more affordable option here, but keep in mind that you also have a month-to-month cost to Vendasta to pay monthly which is $49/month for the Fundamental plan, $299/month for the Fundamentals plan, $499/month for the Growth plan and $999/month for the Scale plan and onboarding charges ($ 250 for Basics, $500 for Development, $1,000 for Scale) to cover also.

Vendasta is cheaper in general, while Dashclicks provides much better danger management because you do not have actually fixed membership costs to pay. You only pay for as long as your client sticks with you.

Call Tracking

Vendasta also declares its call tracking is much cheaper at $25/month for 500 minutes, while Dashclicks charges you $49/month for a comparable service.

Variety of services

Vendasta seems to offer a bigger variety of services here with reputation management services, customer feedback management and listing management.

For its paid advertising services, it likewise supports Displayads, YouTube advertisements and LocalAds which Dashclicks does not.

At the same time, Dashclicks appears to have a deeper SEO offeringwith blog site posts while Vendasta chops up its SEO offerings into different modules (e.g. 1 module that makes suggestions for on-site and off-site optimization, another module that builds backlinks, etc).

Customer prospecting reports

Vendasta’s variation of these reports that you can send to potential clients to demonstrate your worth is called Snapshots, while Dashclicks calls it InstaReports.

While there are lots of resemblances in between the reports because they both offer a scoring algorithm, listing accuracy and presence, reviews discovered, organic keyword performance and ranking, mobile responsiveness and desktop loading speeds, Vendasta claims to provide more details in the report including about Facebook retargeting, home page material evaluation, data provider accuracy, Google suggested keywords, hot lead notices, dynamic grade components, and the client’s social presence on Twitter (while Dashclicks only covers Facebook and Instagram).


Benefits and drawbacks of Vendasta


• Range of Solutions

Vendasta has a number of services for agencies to re-sell to their customers.

With the 10x Platform as well as Marketplace, agencies and media firms have a lengthy variety of services to choose from, as well as additionally market these services under their brand name.

• Online Presence

Like many facilitators supplying digital advertising services, Vendasta’s products provide your service good on-line visibility.

You will be listed on many significant directories as well as listing websites.

• White Label Solutions

Vendasta specifically offers a significant variety of white label services for agencies to re-market to their clients with their very own branding.

They provide agencies with a number of white label alternatives.

• Listings Stability

With services like Yext and Moz Local, business listings are eliminated when the solution is cancelled.

This suggests the directory sites will either be missing} information regarding a specific organisation, or would fall back on incorrect or incomplete company info that existed before the paid listing was created. But the security of the listings continues to be intact with Vendasta even after the service is terminated.


• You have to pay for API

Among other comparable solutions in the market, APIs are normally part of the fundamental plan.

However Vendasta charges its clients for its APIs according to their pricing plans.

•You have to pay for SSO

The Single Sign-On (SSO) allows you to login to one control panel as well as internally take care of all your customers utilizing this singular login. Vendasta supplies this as a paid function on its more premium plans and the feature is not readily available to the individuals of their basic plan.

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Vendasta Customer Reviews

There are tons of favourable client examines concerning Vendasta which you can read at Featured Customers here or G2 Reviews.

Below are some highlights:.

“The Vendasta product platform helps our clients with their social media presence, reputation management, brand awareness, and listing accuracy. We’ve seen marked improvement in their Google site metrics and organic performance. Clients delight in seeing their accuracy improve steadily each month. The Vendasta team is committed to my satisfaction and the welfare of my brand.” Maria Todd

“Vendasta’s products have been an amazing tool that is a vital part of our offering. With its robust features, reporting capabilities and customer support that always goes the extra mile, we have an arsenal of things to keep clients in awe. The team at Vendasta keeps us all up to date on new developments and resources that make using the software a simple process.” Sean Webster

Vendasta VS Dashclicks

“What do you like best?

We recently began working with Vendasta. The customer service that we have received has been outstanding. Every time we ask a question, we are promptly provided with not only answers but real-world applications and advice. Vendasta has accumulated significant experience over time and freely shares this information with its partners.

What do you dislike?

Part of our agreement included 100 SnapShot reports. We absolutely love these reports, and they are an incredible sales tool. Unfortunately we are only allocated 20 per month. Not a huge issue, but would be nice if we could use more than our monthly allocation.

What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

We reached a point where we needed to either add staff to our business or outsource. We chose the latter via Vendasta. Prior to this transition we spent the bulk of our time in the weeds doing the work for our clients. Vendasta allowed us to free up time to focus on sales, strategy, and servicing our customers more efficiently.”

Vendasta VS Dashclicks
“What do you like best?

The user-friendly capabilities of Reputation Management in it’s latest generation is astonishing. I love the new look. The Overview is incredible. I get to see important statistics at the first glance of this dashboard. Especially the listings. The listings I think are the most remarkable statistic with count on citations and even mentions.

What do you dislike?

How some features are overlooked such as Reports and how some Products do not communicate with each other. I should be able to share a mention of our business from Reputation Management into Social Marketing. That would be a great aspect to look at. The reports section feels like it can be more interactive. Instead of clicking on a link, I’d much rather click into “Social”, “Citations” with windows opening and closing. Not so much just a report with a long passages of information and seemingly infinite scrolling. Not very attractive.

Recommendations to others considering the product:

Don’t knock it until you try it.

What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

Reputation Management is a wonderful tool that I believe every business should have in their repertoire. The benefits of having such impeccable information on business listings all in one place is amazing. It shows our clients not just how great their business is doing, but also how bad they’re doing in certain parts of their business. We have one client that has GREAT SEO, but they’re social online reputation is atrocious so we push the software for Social Marketing instead of trying to convince them to get better SEO.”

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Pros and Cons of Dashclicks


Terrific control panel and client-facing platform.

With a professional-looking white labelled platform, your clients will feel more assured that they are dealing with an agency that can deliver outcomes for them.

Dashclicks makes this much easier for you to retain clients.

Prompt and high quality services

Dashclicks is specifically popular for its Facebook and Instagram advertisements services which has actually proven to be high quality and effective at delivering leads.

Extremely competitive pricing

This allows you to take pleasure in greater profit margins and likewise space to provide less expensive prices depending on your client’s circumstance.

You can supply bundles such as affordable rates and even cut your rates to match a rival if you truly wish to get a target customer (although it is not advised that you do this typically).

You also do not have to pay any fees to register and you only pay to purchase a module for your customer once your client has actually signed with you.

Wide variety of services

You are now able to serve your clients’ numerous requirements.

If you were generally doing your customer’s Facebook advertisements and they want to build a site, you can quickly buy the module on Dashclicks and Dashclicks will serve up a excellent looking professional site.


Learning curve to fulfill services

It is a little non-intuitive to buy subscriptions to modules for your clients and onboard them so it might take some time for you to figure it out.

Different modules for certain services

Funnels and call tracking are provided as distinctly different services which might be difficult if your customer anticipates to see an incorporated service.

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Dashclicks  Customer Reviews


“It’s been an exceptional experience using Dashclicks. I’ve seen a high production of sales calls; immediately processing website requests has a profound effect on clients. We can offer a massive discount to serve clients at a high demand to offer digital assets like websites and website audits at ease! Opening up discussions to clients with immediate solutions positions my agency as a facilitator in the market and I like that. We can offer more value than ads alone! Dashclicks is a major asset to have.” Niko A.

“I have these guys fulfill all the orders for my agency. We usually have them do all our SEO, PPC, Facebook Ads and website design services. I like the fact that the support is fast and precise. I also enjoy working with the project manager on my accounts. He actually cares about my customers as if they were his. I’ve worked with other companies in the past, but no one has the platform and tech that DashClicks has, and the services are actually great. I would highly recommend these guys to anyone who wants to outsource any digital marketing projects!” Alexander M.

Vendasta VS Dashclicks

“Describe the project or task the provider helped with:

I wanted to give DashClicks a try with one of the clients that I recently signed on for my digital marketing agency. I ordered Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and SEO white-labeled services. This was basically a trial and if the experience, customer service, and results were as promised, I would proceed to add more of my clients into the platform. DASHCLICKS DID NOT DISAPPOINT!! I started to receive a positive ROI within a month with the Facebook and Google Ads products. SEO results were noticeable after less than four months of optimizations.

I will be adding more of my clients into the loop within the next couple weeks!

What do you like best?

Customer service, results, ease of use of the dashboard, white-labeled aspect of the dashboard, easily understandable metrics on the dashboard (for both myself and my client).

What do you dislike?

There were very few minor bugs in the dashboard that I had to bring to the attention of my project manager. However, once the bugs were brought up, they were fixed within a couple of hours!

What problems are you solving with the provider? What benefits have you realized?

Essentially, DashClicks is allowing me to spend my time on getting more clients to grow my agency while they fulfill all the work. It’s like having a team by my side without even needing to have any office space or worry about overhead. It is the perfect solution to grow my agency!”

You can also join the Dashclicks Facebook group and read what people are posting about Dashclicks.

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Both Vendasta and Dashclicks are well-known and premium white label service providers so you will not fail selecting either of them.

You must pick the supplier that appropriates for your requirements.

For example, your customers might require services that only Vendasta offers but Dashclicks does not.

Or you may choose Dashclicks’ price model which decreases your risk exposure while you try to find customers.

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What is Vendasta?

Vendasta VS Dashclicks

Vendasta is the leading platform for companies selling digital solutions to local businesses. Sold specifically through channel partners – including agencies, broadcasters, publishers, banks, telecoms, and more – the Vendasta Platform allows sales professionals to brand it as their own and supply re-sellable products and services to local businesses.

By providing a marketplace of resellable product or services and an automated marketing
platform, Vendasta’s partners are empowered to acquire more local organisation customers, keep them for longer, and grow their recurring earnings.

Included within Vendasta is an award winning needs-assessment, automated email marketing, simple to utilize CRM, a marketplace of resellable apps & services, and a white-label fulfillment agency.

More than 20,000 business utilize the Vendasta platform to sell to over two million local services worldwide.

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What Solutions Does Vendasta Supply?

• Listing Management
• Website Building
• Chatbots
• Social Media Advertising And Marketing (Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, etc).
• Social Media Management.
• Search Engine Optimization
• Email Marketing (in partnership with Constant Contact)
• Video clip Development
• Digital Marketing Analytics Tool

Vendasta’s marketing automation allows agencies to offer their clients with online listings management services.

They produce and also update company information on 35 listing sites along with fixing similar info with information aggregators.

They are also spread across several niche directory sites for SMBs such as property, medical care, legal, dining establishments, hospitality as well as automotive.

Concierge and Digital Agency

Vendasta’s Concierge solutions allows agencies to manage all their customer listings from a scalable dashboard.

This consists of integrating task development and also monitoring, to-do’s, collaboration between divisions, and also various other agency jobs.

They additionally create reports on a monthly basis to track essential analytics that can be passed on to clients. An agency can even choose to   surrender their listings management to Vendasta’s in-house Digital Agency services which will certainly be handled from under the agency’s brand name.

This means they will certainly function together with the stated agency’s sales team as part of their Do-it-With-Me technique.

Snapshot and also Email Marketing

With Snapshot, Vendasta produces reports on listings analysis, reviews, social performance, web site performance and online advertising and marketing.

With these thorough reports, Vendasta offers an email marketing approach as well.

They have ready-made email campaigns that can be further personalized with existing templates, and carry forward nurture campaigns.

Sales Pipeline Management as well as Lead Generation

Vendasta develops plainly defined, rich profiles of customers for electronic and non-digital items which is to offer very easy access for referencing from one place.

This implies adding the business’ details, social accounts, triggers, engagement metrics as well as client personas to have a streamlined process of maintaining client information.

An agency’s sales team can prioritize leads relative to the leads’ engagement with the Snapshot reports, and also the possibility to convert.

Product Catalog

Vendasta provides a single point of access during which agencies can take care of multiple clients/vendors from an integrated configuration.

With the Product Catalog, agencies can highlight the items they want their consumers to see.

Furthermore, each of the customer’s items when included in the Product Catalog can have an additional promotion page produced with the product’s descriptions, photos and also contact information.

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Marketplace is curated with risk-free, instant-on apps and also services for SEO, Social, Video Clip Production, Advertising, Internet Sites, and also much more.

B2B business are rapidly adding new income streams while fulfilling their clients’ requirements.

This is where you choose and purchase the services to re-sell to your clients and also you can quickly access the products as well as tools when you purchase.

With this model, you do not need to pay anything until you get your client onboarded and your client has paid you.

You can then utilize that earnings to pay for the fulfillment of the services to your client.

Here are a few of the services in Marketplace.

Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising is Vendasta’s white label Pay Per Click marketing solution.

Below are the services provided by Vendasta’s Pay Per Click team below.

Google & Bing Campaign

With paid search marketing, you can market on internet search engines like Google and Bing to drive conversions to your customer’s local business.

In other words, you’ll serve ads to prospective clients precisely when they’re looking for a service or a product that your client offers.

Facebook & Instagram Campaign

Vendasta can help your clients to increase web site web traffic, drive even more conversions, and also prosper on social media sites through targeted campaigns on Facebook as well as Instagram.

The group takes advantage of technology like the Facebook Pixel, custom conversion, site retargeting, dynamic retargeting, as well as custom audiences which is a must to produce good CPLs.

Dynamic Facebook Automobile Campaign

Dynamic Facebook Automobile ads are offered for car dealers.

This type of campaign inserts viewed cars into targeted advertisements for individuals with revealed intent to buy a brand-new automobile.

When clicked on, the dynamic advertisements take Facebook users to the dealer’s vehicle page, raising the opportunities of making a sale.

LocalAds campaign

LocalAds is powered by innovative advertising technology that enables advertisers in North America to offer ads a lot more effectively.

It can evaluate sequenced physical locations to establish a link in between them, find out exactly how your customer’s prospective customers act, and enhance campaign performance.

Display campaign

Display ads show up in the form of banners and also various other visuals when your client’s target market is surfing internet sites.

Banners can be very customizable as well as integrate your customer’s branding, helping them build awareness for their services.

Show evidence of performance with ROI reporting

Vendasta does not just show that you’ve raised your client’s impressions and clicks – these reports can also show that you’ve produced much more telephone calls as well as store visits, which you have actually provided a positive return on investment.

They can be accessed at any time by your team and also are provided frequently to your clients via Business Center.

Advertising Intelligence

Advertising Intelligence is white label PPC reporting and also brings your clients’ Pay Per Click ad campaigns from several platforms under one roof for simple contrast.

Get the metrics that matter the most, automate reporting, as well as find out what’s making your customers money.

This is supported for Facebook advertisements, Instagram advertisements, YouTube advertisements and Google ads.

Social Marketing

Posting to a range of networks takes time as well as effort that you could be spending in growing your services’ revenue or finding brand-new customers.

With Vendasta’s Social Marketing you can save time and post to multiple networks from one, straightforward to use social  marketing platform.

You can likewise white label this service for your clients.

This solution is supported for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and also Google My Business.

With ready to publish web content, social media post scheduling, and also comprehensive analytics, you’ll have all the tools you can need to build strategies and also establish genuine fans in behalf of your customers.

Find Consumers

Assist your customers to grow their income!

Discover new customers and figure out what current customers are saying about your clients’ organisation.

With this effective social media marketing system you can easily carry out lead searches and also follow up without ever having to leave the product.

Engage with the community

Social Marketing enables you to help your clients develop much deeper relationships with their customers.

Discover and also respond to comments and mentions made by their fans from one practical place.

All-in-one composer and scheduler

Properly handle and schedule your clients’ posts with the easy-to-use composer.

Post the same content to numerous networks or customize by account.

Detailed post performance analytics

Measure the metrics that your clients care about with rich engagement statistics.

Preserve full oversight of all networks from this social networks marketing platform.

Stock pictures within your reach

Make your client’s posts stand out with access to hundreds of excellent quality stock images via Social Marketing’s integration with PixaBay.

Link tracking

Successfully monitor and track the web links in your client’s posts.

See how many web link visits originate from the various social networks or from Dark Social.

Twitter lead finder

Set up keyword searches and geo-targeting to find and engage with new consumers in support of your clients.

Direct Instagram scheduling

Plan Instagram posts beforehand and after that kick back while Social Marketing releases them automatically.

Google My Business post support

Promote your customer’s upcoming occasions, make special statements, and also share timely deals with direct to GMB posting.

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Reputation Management

Vendasta is well known for its white label reputation management solutions.

Since 2008, it has aided 2+ million businesses to manage billions of client testimonials, mentions, as well as online listings.

Monitor as well as handle all online testimonials

Monitor over 100 online sources so your customers never ever miss out on a single testimonial on any one of the most vital websites.

Your team will certainly be notified of every new evaluation so you can determine and escalate important feedback.

• Monitor and also manage reviews
• Get immediate notifications
• Track as well as complete testimonial management tasks throughout your team
• Benchmark against rivals.
• Created for single locations and also brands.

Respond directly to testimonials from the dashboard

Help your customers to build their brand name and also online credibility by replying to evaluations!

Never ever get stuck asking yourself just how to respond – intelligent evaluation responses take the guesswork out of this crucial task.

• Respond to one of the most essential evaluations from the dashboard.
• Get smart recommended responses for every Google and Facebook review.
• Personalize your very own templates with dynamic fields
• Utilize Vendasta’s specialist team to manage testimonial responses.

Give business insights using artificial intelligence

Take advantage of the power of AI to assess online testimonials and dig deeper right into client sentiment.

Educate your clients with easy to understand information to assist to keep their business booming!

• Discover top trending key phrases.
• See a timeline of significant moments in consumer point of view.
• Drill into certain evaluations.
• Compare {ocations to understand brand sentiment overall.

Handle all Google Q&A activity

Much like replying to testimonials, services that engage in Google Q&A have a higher online presence and also enhanced client .

Aid your customers to develop their online reputation by showing them exactly how easy it is to take care of.

• Be alerted to new inquiries for quick response
• Make sure existing questions have precise responses.
• Ask and also respond to Frequently Asked Questions to aid customers to find details quick.

Aid businesses to be found online.

Proper online listings enhance trust and also convert more consumers.

The Listings dashboard ensures your customers can remedy their organisation listings throughout lots of websites to keep driving website traffic through the door.

• Adhere to prescriptive changes to make improvements.
• Contrast the business to the sector.
• Use Vendasta’s professional team to deal with listings management

Use actual reviews to convert more clients.

Allow satisfied clients to do the talking and also help to increase trust and sales for your customers!

Display real consumer endorsements on your clients’ sites or share glowing evaluations to their social media networks.

• Customize the widget for your customers’ brands.
• Quickly plug the widget right into any website to show off reviews anywhere.
• Click the Share button to display the most effective reviews on social media networks.

Never ever miss out on a mention of the business online.

Reputation Management looks at every space of the web, including blogs, information sources, and also social networks as well as discovers every mention of the business.

This creates chances to highlight the positive mentions or deal with the adverse offline.

• Set up keyword search terms to obtain appropriate industry web content.
• Understand if the mention is positive, neutral, or adverse so you can take action.

Watch the competitors.

Utilize competitive insights to help your clients to get ahead.

Compare their organisation with market leaders to assist them to pursue continuous improvement.

• Compare search engine Share of Voice with their top competitors.
• Track social audience interaction over time throughout Facebook and Twitter.
• Benchmark against the sector average  testimonial ratings and also listing accuracy.

Customer Voice

Help your consumers to get even more authentic online reviews.

Customer Voice is a white-label customer feedback tool for your customers and also multi-location brands.

Collect consumer comments with personalized messages using emails as well as SMS.

Tailor all messages to match the business’s brand identity, to raise open rates and also click-through rates.

Reach clients by text or email to collect client feedback efficiently for a single place or across an entire multi-location brand.

Accumulate evaluations on sites that make an impact.

Glowing testimonials aid   organisations to stand out in local search!

Collect brand-new testimonials on third-party testimonial websites, social media accounts, and first-party landing pages.

Never miss a chance to gather genuine consumer feedback with the Review Generation Widget on your clients’ sites.

Measure performance effectively

Measure your clients’ success with a conversion funnel, and track brand-new evaluations with time.

Get an at-a-glance roll-up of a brand’s success or filter by specific areas.

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Alpha SEO

Alpha SEO has actually powered over 45,000 local business SEO campaigns to first page results.

It optimizes a site’s onsite as well as offsite’s features as well as utilizes artificial intelligence to parse through algorithm updates as well as make quick modifications.

Your small to medium organisations as well as franchises will get the ranking exposure they require on desktop and also mobile searches.

Over 85% of Search Engine Optimization clients keep their programs after twelve month.

Alpha SEO includes:.
• All-in-one white label control panel.
• 1 search phrase topic as well as 1 target area ( Area of Organisation).
• As much as 7 trackable key phrases.
• 1 website web content writing or guest blogging (with social sharing).
• GEO backlinks monthly.
• On-page optimization.
• Web site audit and repairing Search Engine Optimization problems.
• Google My Business advanced optimization as needed.
• Website lead tracking.
• Search Engine Optimization KPI dashboard and also metrics.
• Website uptime surveillance and reporting
• Weekly website SEO health check through crawler audit.
• Weekly Search Engine Optimization status reports.
• Monthly SEO performance reporting

You likewise obtain a devoted partner supervisor for your customers.

What is Dashclicks?

Vendasta VS Dashclicks

Founded in 2009, DashClicks is a software application organization based in the United States that offers a piece of software application called DashClicks.

DashClicks provides online, and business hours support.

DashClicks includes training by means of documentation, webinars, live online classes, and face to face sessions.

DashClicks is marketing agency software application, and consists of functions such as campaign management,   cooperation, task management, project management, and time tracking.

DashClicks provides a totally free variation, and complimentary trial.

The terrific feature of Dashclicks is that you just need to pay when you’ve already sold a client on a service and have the revenue to buy the service on Dashclicks for your customer.

There’s likewise tons of paid resources and training that Dashclicks provides so you can learn to get your very first customer and scale your agency.

You also get access to the Dashclicks Facebook group for free weekly training and assistance from a big community of over 3,000 members in the group.

A few of the services even have case studies so you can leverage on Dashclicks’ track record to close your customers.

What Services Does Dashclicks Supply?

• Facebook & Instagram Ads
• Funnel Building
• Site Design
• Search Engine Optimization
• Google Ads
• Social Media Posts
• Listings Manager
• Content Marketing
• Call Tracking

The unique differentiator about Dashclicks is that it is totally free to register and utilize and you just pay when you need to subscribe and purchase services that you have actually currently sold to your customers.

The details of the services are supplied listed below including various rates for each module.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Dashclick’s consists of both set up and month-to-month maintenance.

The set up includes the list below:
• Campaign Strategy
• Demographics Research
• Competitor Research Study
• Pixel Setup
• Tracking Code Setup & Installation
• Campaign Production
• Numerous Ad Set Split Tests
• Numerous Advertisement Split Tests
• Campaign Quality Assurance
• Campaign Presentation
• Campaign Launch
• Post Launch Checkpoints

The monthly maintenance work consists of:
• Campaign Audit
• Enhance Strategy
• Eliminate Poor Performing Ads
• Demographics Expansion & Clean-up
• Advertisement Frequency Management
• Performance-Based Bid Pacing
• Performance-Based Budget Pacing
• Performance-Based Advertisement Distribution
• Ad Copy Split Testing
• Demographics Split Testing
• Mobile Strategy Management
• Increasing Click Through Rate
• Decreasing Cost Per Click

You will receive a link to add Dashclicks’ group to your customer’s Ad Manager  to run the ads and this is completely white-labelled.

Your clients will also be able to login to your white labelled control panel to see their metrics on their campaign performance.

They will get a monthly report in the very first week of each month that is totally white-labelled.

You can integrate this with funnels or call tracking however you will need to purchase the modules individually.

There are 4 rates for this module.

1. Basic

The Basic plan is suitable for clients with a regular monthly advertisement spend of $0 – $2,999.

It costs $499/month and $350 for set up.

The recommended market price that you can resell to your clients is $998/month and a $700 set up cost.

2. Plus

The Plus plan is appropriate for customers with a regular monthly ad spend of $3,000 – $4,999.

It costs $699/month and $350 for set up.

The recommended market price that you can resell to your customers is $1,398/ month and a $700 set up cost.

3. Premium

This plan is suitable for clients with a monthly advertisement spend of $5,000 – $9,999.

It costs $1,299/ month and $350 for set up.

The recommended retail price that you can resell to your customers is $2,598/ month and a $700 set up fee.

4. Elite

The Elite plan is suitable for customers with a monthly advertisement spend of $10,000 – $19,999.

It costs $2,599/ month and $350 for set up.

The suggested retail price that you can resell to your customers is $5,198/ month and a $700 set up charge.

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Funnel Building

The Funnel Building module consists of the following:

• Develop Funnel
• Landing Page Setup & Design
• Set Funnel Step Settings
• Landing Page Automation.
• Create Email List.
• Develop Immediate Email Alert.
• Create Delayed Email Alert.
• Create Immediate SMS Notification.
• Add Funnel Action – Email List.
• Include Funnel Action – Send Lead.
• Thank You Page Setup & Design

There are 2 pricing plans for for this module.

1. Basic

Under this plan you will get a 2-step funnel and 2 e-mail automations.

It costs $499 as a one time fee.

The suggested retail price that you can resell to your clients is $998 one time fee.

2. Plus

With this plan, you will get a 4-step funnel and 4 e-mail automations.

It costs $999 as a one-time charge.

The recommended list price that you can resell to your clients is $1,998.

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Site Design

With Dashclicks, you can develop and design sites for your clients.

Dashclicks supplies you a calculator to approximate the cost of your site and you can then choose the price to quote to your customer.

Informational sites start at $499 while e-commerce sites begin at $899.

The expense of your website will vary depending on the number of pages and the number of content pieces that go on your site.

In general, each page will be an extra $49 each and content pieces will be $59 each.

A flat cost for hosting and SSL will be included at $25.

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With SEO your client’s site will attain a higher ranking in search engine results for their target keyword and acquire new directory listings.

The setup include the following:

  • Listings Manager Setup
  • 70 + Directory Listing Subscription
  • Google Business Listing Setup.
  • Listing Manager Quality Assurance.
  • Google Analytics Setup.
  • Google Search Console Setup.
  • Keyword Research study.
  • Rival Research.
  • Website Audit.
  • Broken Link Audit.
  • 301 Page Redirects.
  • XML Sitemap Setup.
  • Connect Social Network Accounts to Website.
  • NAP Optimization.
  • Robots.txt Setup & Optimization.
  • XML Sitemap Submission.
  • Fetch & Render in Google Search Console

The regular monthly maintenance work includes:.

  • Account Review
  • Site Audit & Fixes.
  • Toxic Backlink Audit & Disavow.
  • Ongoing On-Page Site Optimization.
  • Optimize Title Tags.
  • Enhance Meta Descriptions.
  • Optimize Image Alt Tags.
  • Optimize Image Title Tags.
  • Internal Linking.
  • Outbound Linking.
  • Compress Image Sizes.
  • Search Console Inspection
  • Broken Link Audit.
  • 301 Page Redirects.
  • Sitemap {Check|Inspection
  • Fetch & Render in Google Search Console.
  • Regular Monthly Progress Report.
  • Monthly Ranking Report.

There are 4 rates for this module.

1. Basic

The basic plan is suitable for clients who want SEO for a 1-10 page website.

You will be ranked for 10 target keywords and get 1 article each month.

It costs $349/month.

The recommended list price that you can resell to your clients is $698/month.

2. Plus

The Plus plan is appropriate for clients who desire SEO for a 11-20 page site.

You will be ranked for 20 target keywords and receive 2 article each month.

It costs $499/month.

The recommended market price that you can resell to your customers is $998/month.

3. Premium

The Premium plan is suitable for clients who desire SEO for a 21-30 page website.

You will be ranked for 30 target keywords and get 3 article monthly.

It costs $649/month.

The suggested retail price that you can resell to your clients is $1,298/ month.

4. Elite

This plan is appropriate for customers who desire SEO for a 31-40 page site.

You will be ranked for 40 target keywords and receive 4 short article per month.

It costs $899/month.

The recommended market price that you can resell to your clients is $1,798/ month.

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Google Ads

Google Ads are extremely reliable since it enables your customer’s potential clients to find your client when they are trying to find a solution.

Consumers who come in through Google Ads have really high buying intent.

The module comes with both set up and monthly maintenance.

Set up includes:.

  • Campaign Strategy
  • Keyword Research study.
  • Rival Research.
  • Tracking Code Setup & Installation
  • Campaign Development.
  • Campaign Quality Control.
  • Campaign Presentation
  • Campaign Launch
  • Post Launch Checkpoints

Monthly maintenance consists of:

  • Campaign Audit.
  • Eliminate Irrelevant Traffic.
  • Improve Strategy
  • Intelligent Budget Pacing.
  • Smart Bid Pacing.
  • Keyword Expansion & Clean-up.
  • Quality Score Management.
  • Performance-Based Bid Management.
  • Ad Copy A/B Testing
  • Keyword A/B Testing
  • Rival Benchmarking & Research.
  • Mobile Strategy Management.
  • Increasing Click Through Rate.
  • Reducing Cost Per Click.
  • Decreasing Cost Per Conversion.
  • Remarketing.

There are 4 rates for this module and they are very similar to the prices for the Facebook & Instagram Advertisements module.

1. Basic

The basic plan is suitable for clients with a month-to-month advertisement spend of $0 – $2,999.

It costs $499/month and $350 for set up.

The recommended list price that you can resell to your clients is $998/month and a $700 set up fee.

2. Plus

The Plus plan is appropriate for customers with a month-to-month advertisement spend of $3,000 – $4,999.

It costs $699/month and $350 for set up.

The suggested list price that you can resell to your customers is $1,398/ month and a $700 set up fee.

3. Premium

This plan is suitable for customers with a month-to-month advertisement spend of $5,000 – $9,999.

It costs $1,299/ month and $350 for set up.

The recommended market price that you can resell to your clients is $2,598/ month and a $700 set up cost.

4. Elite

The Elite plan is suitable for clients with a regular monthly advertisement spend of $10,000 – $19,999.

It costs $2,599/ month and $350 for set up.

The suggested retail price that you can resell to your clients is $5,198/ month and a $700 set up cost.

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Social Media Posting

With the social media posting function, Dashclicks will help your clients to upkeep their presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest by posting interesting content regularly.

They will schedule the posts for your customer each month.

These content consist of images, GIFs and industry news.

There are 3 rates for  this module.

1. Basic

With the basic plan you get 3 posts each week over 5 social networks channels.

It costs $199/month.

The suggested list price that you can resell to your clients is $398/month.

2. Plus

The Plus plan provides you 5 posts weekly over 5 social media channels.

It costs $299/month.

The suggested retail price that you can resell to your clients is $598/month.

3. Premium

If you get the Premium plan, you get 7 posts per week over 5 social networks channels.

It costs $399/month.

The recommended retail price that you can resell to your clients is $798/month.

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Listing Manager

The Listing Manager service is just readily available for customers based in the U.S.A..

It includes monthly listing subscriptions to 70+ directories and the setup of your Google Business listing.

It costs $99/month for you and the advised retail price is $198/month.

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Content Marketing

With content marketing, you get posts monthly to contribute to your client’s blog site.

Dashclicks will undertake keyword and subject research and schedule a content calendar for the next 3 months.

It will likewise consist of 1 licensed image with the short article, a Grammarly audit and post it to your client’s site.

To be truthful, this is one of the plans that aren’t as worth it as it is quite a high rate for keyword research study and content development of only 2 articles monthly, and you can find cheaper choices elsewhere.

However if you would like everything to be integrated with Dashclicks so you can access everything from a single sign on, you can offer this alternative for your customers.

There are 3 rates for this module.

1. Basic

With the basic plan you get 2 posts each month of over 350 words each.

It costs $159/month.

The suggested retail price that you can resell to your clients is $318/month.

2. Plus

The Plus plan offers you 2 short articles each month of 500 words each.

It costs $199/month.

The suggested market price that you can resell to your customers is $396/month.

3. Premium

If you get the Premium plan, you get 2 posts per month of 1,000 words each.

It costs $379/month.

The suggested list price that you can resell to your customers

is $758/month.

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Call Tracking

Call tracking is another module that is just readily available to customers in the USA.

You can track your leads and record your telephone calls.

You can also find out your call sources and follow up with them.

Dashclicks will choose the contact number, do the number forwarding, incorporate the call tracking with your website or paid ads campaign, and incorporate with the control panel so you can see the metrics.

It also records and tracks the calls, populates the leads into your dashboard and offers you with metrics.

There are 2 pricing plans for this module.

1. Basic

With the basic plan you can get 1 local telephone number and 500 minutes per month so you can track leads, and listen to tape-recorded telephone call.

You can likewise discover call sources.

It costs $49/month.

The recommended retail price that you can resell to your customers is $98/month.

2. Plus

The Plus plan offers you 2 local contact number and 1,000 minutes per month.

This will cost you $99/month and the suggested retail price is $198/month.

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Agency Site

Well, any potential customer of yours may google you or take a look at your site to find out more about you and if you are legitimate.

Dashclicks provides you an agency website with a $349 set up charge and $25 regular monthly charge which is enhanced for conversions.

It is completely responsive for mobile and desktop and is entirely branded for your agency.

You can have the website on your customized domain and it will be synced with your Dashclicks profile.

If you wish to make additional modifications yourself, you have simple access to do so.

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